Art and Craft of Gujarat

Art and craft of Gujarat is the reflection of the cultural, religious, anthropological, ritualistic, technical, topographical, climatic and professional aspects of the Indian state. The craft communities are interdependent and this helps in bringing out the variety of art and craft practiced in Gujarat. The art and craft products are manifestations of the daily requirements of the common people. It is also the form of an artist’s self expression and has evolved with the growing society and different trends.

Gujarat has a prominent presence of folk art which bears influence of religious beliefs and creativity of the craftsmen. The folk art form of Gujarat displays a blend of aesthetic appeal with functionality. Sometimes the art and craft is used to popularize religious beliefs. Some of the folk art forms include:

• Mata-ni-Pachedi

• Pithora Paintings

• Warli Paintings

Wooden crafts in Gujarat have also been practiced since ages. The state takes pride in the variety produced in wooden crafts. It is one of the oldest forms of craft practiced by craftsmen in Gujarat coming down from the Gajjars. The prominent wooden craft of Gujarat is Block Making. It is basically a highly skilled craft in which blocks are used to make designs on a fabric. The blocks create special geometric designs using different colors on the particular fabric. It is done mostly by hand and the plays of colors are appealing.

Wood carvings are quite famous in Gujarat. The craftsmen carve structures out of wood and then embellish those objects with elaborate and complex designs. A wide variety of home décor products are created by craftsmen from Kutch, Amreli and Bhavnagar region. The products have smooth finish and designs par excellence. Wood is a favorite raw material for craft in Gujarat. Marquetry or the art of inlay design is also practiced by highly skilled craftsmen of the state. This form has lot of Persian influence on it. Various types of boxes and ornament cases are created from wood and then inlay designs are done using veneers. Sankheda furniture is an exclusive product from Gujarat craftsmen. The furniture is made from teakwood with lacquer overlaid making each item a unique piece.

Not only wood, mud craft is also practiced in Gujarat by the experienced and skilled craftsmen. A state which is steeped in art and culture, Gujarat will never cease to marvel you with its variety in art and craft. Clay relief work is a unique form of art practiced by tribal women in the Kutch area. The geometric designs made using bamboo and clay appear beautiful.

Pottery is also another craft which attracts the craftsmen of Gujarat. Lovely painted pots are available in various parts of Gujarat. Terracotta is a special form of craft in which clay is used to create different figures with a unique color.

Kite making is an exclusive craft of Gujarat wherein colorful kites are made to celebrate festivals. Kites of various sizes and designs are available during festivals. Other popular art and craft forms of Gujarat include leather work, bell making, brass and copper ware, silver ware, Devru-embossed metal craft and stone carvings.

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