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Wild Life of Gujarat

Gujarat happens to be one of the most interesting tourist destinations in terms of wild life viewing and bird watching. From the vast dry lands of Kutch to the moist forests the Dangs, Gujarat takes pride in the flora and fauna it harbors. It is home to diverse animals and trees which make it the ideal destination for wild life enthusiasts. Here is a list of the most famous sanctuaries and national parks of Gujarat that provide accommodation for the eco-travelers.

Nalsarovar Bird Sanctuary

Nalsarovar Sanctuary is a paradise for bird watchers with 250 species of colorful birds flowing in an area of 130km including the Nalsarovar (lake). During the winters tourists will have a visual treat when they can see 100 different species of migratory birds at this sanctuary. The land surrounding the lake is home to the threatened Saras Crane and also to some rare and endangered species of vultures. Spoonbills, Storks, Ibises, Pelicans, Flamingos, ducks are often spotted on the shallows. Then if you are lucky you may catch a glimpse of Greater Spotted Eagle, Marsh Harrier, Osprey and the endangered Pallas Fish Eagle.

Gir National Park & Wildlife Sanctuary

Gir is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Gujarat covering an area of 1412 square kilometers full of evergreen, semi-evergreen and deciduous forests. The Asiatic Lion is the highlight of this wildlife reserve. Gir is considered to be the best reserve for the big cats with around 360 lions and over 300 leopards. Therefore, it is quite tempting a place for wildlife enthusiasts.

Grasslands of Kutch

The Kucth grasslands are quite popular for bird watching since a large variety of migratory birds can be viewed in the Charri Lake and Banni grassland regions. If you wish to see a great variety of bustards like the Macqueen’s Bustard and the Lesser Florican, then there is the Lala Bustard Sanctuary close to Naliya. It also happens to be the breeding ground for the later ones. The Banni and Lala Sanctuary are places where you can watch the rare Stoliczka’s Bush chat and White-napped Tit. Other species of birds inhabiting the grounds include warblers, wheaters, sand goose, larks, Black Francolin, Grey Hypocolius and Tawny.

Little Rann of Kutch

The Little Rann of Kutch spanning an area of 4950 sq km is home to the last of Indian Wild Ass. Along with this the other animals spotted in this region include Nilgai or blue antelope, Blackbuck, Indian Gazelle, Desert Foxes and endangered Indian Wolf. The Rann has a unique environment and hence is home to a large species of birds including pelicans, flamingos, cranes and bustards.

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