Fairs & Festivals of Gujarat

Fairs & Festivals of Gujarat

Gujarat is a land of fairs and festivals. Festivals are an integral part of Gujarat and people dwelling in this state love to celebrate their culture. Some of the most popular festivals of Gujarat include:

Tarnetar Fair or the Trinetraswar Mahadev Fair

The Tarnetar Fair mainly revolves around the temple of Trinetraswar Mahadev situated in Tarnetar village which is 39 kilometers away from Chotila in Surendarnagar, Gujarat. The special feature of this fair is that the bachelors of various tribes gather there in search of a suitable bride. Held either on September or October people take a holy dip in the reservoir near the temple with a belief that their sins will be destroyed. This place has a mythological significance too. It is believed that Arjuna pierced the eye of the fish and married Draupadi at this place. Cattle exhibition is also a part of the fair including horse and bullock cart races. The tribal people sing and dance in this fair as well.

Ravechi Fair

Ravechi Fair is dedicated to Ravechi Mata, a popular shrine in Gujarat. Revelers coming to the fair definitely pay a visit and seek blessings from Ravechi Mata, whose temple is situated in Rav village. The temple is nicely decorated during this fair when almost 30,000 devotees visit the temple. The area surrounding the temple is full of stalls where you can buy different handicraft items and clothes made by the skilled craftsmen of Gujarat. This fair is held during the month of September and is a wonderful occasion for people belonging to different communities to unite and celebrate.

Vautha Fair

The Vautha Fair is a special affair at Vautha where the Vatrak and the Sabarmati rivers meet. The ground has a temple of Siddhanath, Lord Shiva and the fair is dedicated to Kartik, Lord Shiva’s and goddess Parvati’s son and also the commander of the Dev army. The fair is held during the months of October-November on a full moon night of Kartik Purnima. The specialty of this fair is that it is an animal trade fair in Gujarat and is arguably the biggest. Around 4000 painted donkeys are brought to the fair for trading purpose. More than 500,000 people from various communities visit the fair.

Bhavnath Fair

The city of Junagadh hosts the Bhavnath Fair or mela as it is popularly known at the foot of Mount Girnar. Mount Girnar is a holy mountain believed to be the abode of 9 gods and 84 enlightened souls. This fair is organized during the Mahashivratri for 5 days near the temple of Bhavnath in the month of February. The puja or prayer and offerings take place at midnight on the chosen day according to Hindu almanac. The powerful Naga Sadhus visit the temple with their groups and plunge in the sacred Damodar Kund.

Kavant Fair

Kavant Fair is organized at Chota Udaipur near Vadodara. This mela is a part of the Holi celebrations in Gujarat. This is basically a tribal affair with tribes like Rathwa visiting the fair in thousands. Women deck up and come in groups to play cymbals while men play the flute. You can witness various rituals along with men appearing in different attires dancing and forming human pyramids.

Chitra Vichitra Fair

Chitra Vichitra Fair is organized by the natives or Adivasis of Gujarat. This unique fair is held in Gubhakhari village near Poshina in Gujarat after a fortnight of celebrations of Holi. Adivasis from all corners of Gujarat visit the fair and worship fertility gods and goddesses according to their belief. This fair is organized every spring near the confluence of 3 rivers. The name of the fair is derived from the princes Chitravirya and Vichitravirya, sons of King Shantanu who lived here and cured the natives of their diseases. You can witness the Adivasi culture during this fair. Men and women decked up in colorful clothes, jewelry reveling at the beat of the drums and also offering prayer to their gods make a lovely site for any tourist.

Uttarayan and the International Kite Festival

Uttarayan is a unique and exclusive Gujarat festival where kites of different colors, shapes and sizes are flown by the people. The festival marks the change in season in a Hindu calendar and is also known as Makkar Sankranti. This festival gains the stature of a phenomenon which every Gujarati takes pride to be a part of. Kites fill the sky and people take part in kite duels from dawn till dark. There is a Patang Bazaar dedicated to kites in Gujarat during this time.

The Modhera Dance Festival

There is a famous Sun Temple in Modhera in Mehsana District in Gujarat. The Cultural Department of Gujarat organizes this dance festival in the 3rd week of January each year. Various classical dance forms are performed by dancers along with the highlight Garba dance which reflects the culture and tradition of Gujarat.

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